NCR Update: Man Arrested for Sending Suspicious Packages

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Today, Cesar Sayoc was arrested in Plantation, Florida, in connection with the mailing of at least 13 purported explosive devices to prominent political figures nationwide—including in the District and Capitol Heights, MD.

  • Sayoc is 56-years-old and lives in Aventura, Florida—about 17 miles south of Plantation. He has a long criminal history, including a 2002 arrest for a bomb threat. Media reports indicate Sayoc has ties to Florida and New York. Sayoc’s van was covered in political bumper stickers, criticizing Democratic figures.

  • Today, three devices were intercepted at mail sorting facilities in Florida, New York, and California. The intended recipients were Senator Cory Booker, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Senator Kamala Harris. Another mailing sent to Democratic fundraiser Tom Steyer in California was not confirmed to be connected and is being investigated. Since Monday, other parcels were received in the District, Maryland, and Delaware.

  • There is no specific information indicating the delivery of additional packages to locations or individuals in the NCR. The WRTAC will continue to monitor the situation in coordination with the fusion center network and our law enforcement partners.

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